Somatic Trauma Therapy for Trauma Memory Processing

Participants must have completed a Foundation Training in Somatic Trauma Therapy &/or Trauma Informed Care

5apr - 6apr 59:00 amapr 6Somatic Trauma Therapy for Trauma Memory ProcessingWorkshop Only (Without Full Retreat Package)

This workshop has been developed by the Centre for Mental Health Education to extend clinical practice of therapists who have attended Babette Rothschild’s Workshop Stabilising Traumatised Individuals for assessment & initial interventions: Laying the Foundation for Safe Trauma Therapy, 8 Keys of Trauma Therapy or Foundations in Trauma Informed Care.

CMHE’s Senior Trainer, Peter King will seek to explore the principles addressed in approaches that include Somatic Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy approaches by putting into direct practice the tools presented.

This training is grounded in the belief that the therapist working with trauma must become familiar with many theories, techniques, and treatment models to ensure that therapy will always be tailored to the needs of the client. Some pre-readings and role plays will be included to enhance practicing clinicians work with trauma clients. This course is designed to enhance, not replace, skills and knowledge already held by the participants.

Somatic Trauma Therapy (STT) is the base approach guiding this 2 day workshop. STT was developed by Babette Rothschild. The content includes content from the The Body Remembers Volume 2. Role plays, client cases and discussion will be utilized to ensure the workshop is more practical rather than a formal lecture format. The workshop adheres to a phased based approach to trauma therapy which ensures stabilization is evident before trauma memory processing commences.

Discussion will include:

  • Peter Levine’s SIBAM model of dissociation
  • Outlining: Somatic Trauma Therapy’s Model for trauma memory processing
  • Running Technique from the Body Dynamic Institute
  • Flashback protocols
  • Nightmare protocols

Pre-reading includes excerpts from: The Body Remembers (Vol 1) The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment and the The Body Remembers (Vol 2) Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment.

12feb9:00 am- 4:00 pmEvent OverStabilisation Based Approaches in Private PracticeSydney Workshop - Powerhouse Museum

4apr9:00 am- 3:00 pmStabilisation Based Approaches in Private PracticeWorkshop Only (Without Full Retreat Package)


What is Somatic Trauma Therapy?
Somatic Trauma Therapy (STT) draws from somatic therapies, neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness and cognitive approaches. The STT approach pays attention to Dr. Pierre Janet phased framework of trauma recovery and especially when to progress from stabilisation to trauma memory processing in a safe manner. STT identifies the importance of integrating other approaches and the STT Intensive training draws from the Body Dynamic Institute’s Running Technique, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and an adaption of Peter Levine’s SIBAM Model of Dissociation.
The main goal of Somatic Trauma Therapy is to support clients towards gaining control over the often debilitating symptoms associated with their trauma and in so doing help improve their quality of life. Successful Somatic Trauma Therapy does not necessitate the client recounting the details relating to the traumatic event, on the contrary it is important that the level of detail recounted is kept to a minimum if the potential for re-triggering the trauma memory is to be minimised. Ultimately, Somatic Trauma Therapy is led by the client’s identified needs and not a pathway to or need for processing trauma memories.
Does Somatic Trauma Therapy work?
This approach is based in the work of Babette who spent nine years in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Body Dynamic Institute developing and refining STT based on neurobiological research, mindfulness and trauma therapy literature. Babette developed Somatic Trauma Therapy as a common sense approach to safe trauma therapy and articulated the model in the acclaimed texts The Body Remembers, The Body Remembers Casebook and The Body Remembers Vol 2.
Is the Workshop in a lecture format or practice based?
This workshop, led by our senior trainer Peter King, is a heavily practice based workshop which is supported with online lectures and role plays performed by Babette Rothschild and Peter King. During all three workshops the focus is on developing practice by using the approaches identified in The Body Remembers, The Body Remembers Casebook and The Body Remembers Vol 2.  Participants are instructed to practice the approaches using client examples and not their own personal examples.
Is there any pre-reading required for the training?
Yes, participants are advised to have read The Body Remembers, The Body Remembers Casebook and The Body Remembers Vol 2. (to be published late June 2017) before the workshop. These books are available from CMHE or can be purchased online by clicking on the links provided.

5apr - 6apr 59:00 amapr 6Somatic Trauma Therapy for Trauma Memory ProcessingWorkshop Only (Without Full Retreat Package)

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